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Somerset West Family and Night Shelters

When someone arrives at the shelter we assist them by providing secure overnight sleeping accommodation, an evening meal and breakfast and ablution facilities with warm showers.Social work services are given such as counselling, identity document applications, social grant applications, pension applications, liaising with other organisations such as old age homes, clinics and hospitals.

Men's Life

Is our ministry for men, they have a larger group that meet every Friday morning from 6 – 7 am @ LIFE Café for a quick coffee, croissant and connect. Socials and an annual conference are advertised before the dates. 

Young Adults

Our heart is that young adults in our community would live lives of purpose, connected to God and one another. We have two young adults’ groups, one for ages 18 – 25 catering for the students and one for 25 and up for those who have settled into work life. 

Small Groups

We believe real life change happens in the context of authentic relationships, which is why we are a church made up of Small Group. Groups provide an opportunity for you to meet others and build friendships in a relaxed and social environment. Ps Lindani is our champion who overseas our groups, interest and faith based. We trust that there will be a group that best suits your needs!

Life Foundation

Life Foundation is our church’s outward effort to love on the local community in the same way that Jesus did. Under the banner of Jesus we are afforded the wonderful opportunity to come alongside people. To bless them in their need, pray for them and help them as much is possible. 

Lesotho Outreach

Lesotho Mission strongly believes that community upliftment and development should happen through the local church, and so there are various outreaches that take place on a regular basis, by connecting the community to the Church. Life Church is committed to support the mission by visiting Lesotho at least three times a year, as well as sending short term mission teams up to encourage and serve the work being done for God’s kingdom in Lesotho!

Tribe Women's Ministry

We believe in the strength of our women and that their leadership, involvement and giftings in the local church are vital. We host termly Tribe Events with guest speakers. 

Teen Life

We passionately and purposely prioritize young people. We gauge the health of our church on the spiritual strength of our teens and fully support their personal spiritual progression. 

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