We are excited to announce that we have two new couples serving as missionaries in Lesotho. Arno and Adel from Mossel Bay and Brett and Rene from Durbanville have felt called to Lesotho and have decided to commit the next couple of years building into the vision and purpose we believe God has for Lesotho! Recently there have been a lot of developments with our involvement in the Lesotho projects. We are excited about what is happening in Lesotho and believe that we will continue to play a huge role in what God is doing! Over the last couple of years, the work in Lesotho has grown tremendously and there are now three major regions we are focused on. Pastors Chris and Piet are both on the Lesotho board, who has a 5-year vision to plant 50 churches and raise up local leaders to run those churches.

  • ROMA: We will continue to support and visit the city of Roma where Mohali is heading up the church plant on the university campus. We will have two structured mission trips to serve them and Pastors Piet and Chris will also visit them as the need arises. Over the years our mission trips to serve the Church in Roma have proved to be highly impactful, not only with the locals but also the team that went with.
  • MASERU: The Maseru church plant is in its third year and going strong. This is extremely exciting as we see the first students who have graduated from the university in Roma continue to serve the church in the city of Maseru where they now live and work. The teams we send to minister and support Roma will be the same team to minister in Maseru. Mohali and Rebeca are the two leaders heading up the church in Maseru and it is being overseen by the Lesotho mission leaders.
  • SEMONKONG: This is where the two new couples, Brett & Rene and Arno & Adel will be based. They are serving as missionaries in Lesotho and will also head up the whole Lesotho mission. The vision is to plant churches and equip leaders so that every person has a strong church nearby that is easily accessible. Pastors Piet and Chris have committed to support the mission by visiting them at least three times a year, as well as send short term mission teams up to encourage and serve the amazing work being done for God’s kingdom in Lesotho!


Thousands of people living in the Western Province of Zambia have never heard the name of Jesus. Because of this, they live in desperate circumstances, without hope and in spiritual darkness. The Zambia Project takes the Gospel to where it has not yet been heard in Western Zambia and endeavours to uplift communities through various initiatives. We have installed two water wells and will be sponsoring the third installation this year. The whole well installation is done together with help and labour from both our team and the community themselves. By participating and becoming part of the process the community then understands the benefits of a clean water source and need to maintain it. This is a foreign concept for many that have only ever lived a meagre existence. These rural communities are exposed to nature and what seasonal devastation or blessing it brings. Seeing their delighted faces, especially of the children, drinking water without having to spit out soil or other particles is a joy that is difficult to express. Where there was once the stress of no guarantee in drinking water, there is a sudden change and lives improve dramatically as their health steadily improves. The daily drudge of always looking for water is now dealt with, mothers are able to feed their babies and children can attend school and concentrate. Previously their absence from school was a reminder of their community’s inability to provide the basics in life. The positive change in the communities is phenomenal and so encouraging. Water wells drastically reduce diseases and increase the quality and mortality of lives. Once communities have a reliable water source other possibilities are available, such as growing vegetables, planting fruit trees and better personal hygiene. A well benefits the community as a whole in so many positive ways. Relationship building with the Zambians is essential to ensure a long term partnership for future sustainable development. The cost of each well is approximately $5 000. (R 75 000.00). This might seem like a lot of money, but it is a small price to pay when we see the hope that it brings to future generations in this area. The investment is well worth it!


Congregants and dear friends of Life church, Spanky and Lara Rouse, have recently moved to Uganda to serve as missionaries to the nation. We are pursuing the possibilities to take a group over in the future to serve in the great work they are doing. We believe that short term trips to serve Spanky and Lara will prove to be life-changing and inspirational. We continue to build relationships with our Ugandan friends and look forward to what God still has in store for our two nations in the future!