House Rules


Our facilities are air-conditioned, so please wear suitable clothing. We apologise if you are cold, we do try to please the majority.


We value families and have the following rooms specially designed to meet you and your child’s needs:

INFANT ZONE (Newborns to walking)

A special room to the left of the front foyer down the passage. Primarily for mothers and babies during breastfeeding time, Dad’s kindly knock before you enter. This room is furnished with a flat screen video feed so that you’re included in the meeting. Changing facilities with toiletries for your convenience, plus tea and coffee is available for you to enjoy. Mom’s please use room dividers during breastfeeding for your privacy.

TOTS TURF (Walking to toilet trained, around 2 years)

Parents please stay with your toddler. This room is furnished with a flat screen so that you are included in the meeting. We have headsets available which will enable you to hear the message over the noise. If your toddler uses the potty, please clean it before you leave.

Those in the room are encouraged to be mindful of those listening to the message and not to initiate conversation. When using the toddler room, only the parent/s or guardian of the child is/are allowed to make use of the room. A box with an easy-to-follow lesson for your toddler, story and colouring-in page is set out for you to use. Toys, Lego, playdough, books etc are also available. Kindly pack away what you make use of.

All services are recorded. When your child becomes restless, they distract others. We realize that this can be a sensitive issue but at LIFE we value hearing the Word clearly without distraction. Please do not take offence if you are requested to make use of the rooms mentioned above. These rooms are provided for everybody’s comfort and convenience.


Cell phones are a disruption, so please make sure yours is switched off or on silent.


Behind every chair is a pouch containing a pen, connect card and giving envelopes. Please make sure any unused items are placed back in the pouch, facing the correct way and please do not leave anything lying around. We also please request that our stationery not be scribbled on or damaged, thank you.


We request no eating or drinking in the Main seating area, kindly make use of the coffee area surrounded by laminate flooring.


We have provided a smoking area outside at the picnic benches. Please respect the premises, making use of the bins provided and please do not throw your ‘stompies’ onto the tarmac/flower beds/gutters. We have a pot with sand available for you to put your ‘stompies’ in.


Since we have limited parking on our property, we are trying our best to accommodate parents with babies and toddlers, as well as our senior citizens. Those who are able are requested to park a little further away from the church so to keep parking closest to the church available for those less capable.

Please respect the parking volunteer’s instruction and do so with a positive attitude.


We like to practice good manners. Remember to use the magic words, please and thank you, when connecting with somebody face to face, telephonically or electronically.


Before you leave the space you are occupying, take a look around. If you see something that was not there when you arrived, please take it with you or dispose of it appropriately.


We value being on time. When you arrive late, you disturb those around you and show disrespect to those who have arrived on time.


Our church calendar is planned in advance, and much thought goes into making each event a success. The cut-off date gives us the necessary time & allowance for adequate & prior preparation, and once this date has been finalised, the event is centered on the number of people who have registered. By co-operating with the cut-off date, you assist us in making every event as successful as possible, so thank you for assisting us in building a culture of registering on time.